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After meeting in 2012 we started dating and found ourselves hardly ever apart. Our first date was at Teatro ZinZanni and what a night it was!  That night, we knew this was something special. The energy, music and excitement of ZinZanni started us on our whirlwind adventure in life together!


At the time Matt was a toy developer at a toy company in the far south Sound. Kyle was working as an AE at an advertising firm in Seattle. The long commutes back and forth were not pleasant - but we did it almost nightly in order to maintain our constant connection.


Six months later, we moved in together in our own place in the South Lake Union neighborhood, in Seattle. Here we met many new friends and hosted many fun patio parites that year. The apartment will always have special memories as our first!  You can read more about this in our blog under keyword SLU.


Mid 2013 the inevitable happened. Matt knew that the Air Force was considering him for Officers' candidancy but frankly had given up on the process, since almost three years had passed since his initial application. This was something Matt had taken on pre-K! The news of the selection was both an honor for Matt but heart breaking for Kyle. The committment to the Air Force is seven years minimum. This would mean we would have to continue our relationship long distance. At least for a while.


On our anniversay in November of 2013, we got engaged in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was a total surprise to Matt when Kyle popped the question. We had a wonderful time in Mexico and cannot wait to get back together there one day. More details about PV can be found in our Adventures.


The best thing about all of this is that even with our separation we've stayed best friends. The military today isn't as terrible as Kyle thought it might be. With technology, we are able to FaceTime and chat/text pretty much every day. So though we are physically apart, we are still close at heart.  Kyle has even started writing actual letters. Just don't tell his mom!


Our love for each other, and our love of travel and adventure and fun is what keeps us going. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures here - with much more to come! And though we may not be physically where you are right now reading this, we're only a message or call away!  And our hope is that by keeping up with us here, it will somehow bring us closer!


Stay tuned for details on our wedding planned for July 7, 2014. 

Teatro ZinZanni
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